Personal power inside out

Transformation requires inspirational yet powerful leaders, teams to drive positive change. Our approach to leadership, collaboration and organisational development is through discovering personal values and impact on others. We believe that every leader has the chance to genuinely create a unique way to influence others and make them actively working together toward common goals. The magical interaction between values, culture and goals results innovative solutions with positive impact.

Training and coaching

Horse-assisted programmes_Bverzio.png

Horse-assisted programmes

Get out of your routine to discover your true power and hidden potentails in yourself and in your team. This is a unique method to facilitate change. Horses are sensitive, react in real time, mirroring the influence of what you have on them without any interest. This is an experience for a lifetime with long-term effects.

Responsibility Challenger.png

Responsibility Challenger

Do you have the ability to response to challenges? Change is happening so fast that it is impossible to plan exactly every steps. Modern leadership needs to face the unknown and navigate through it while creating values. Get your team ready by increasing trust, openness and personal responsibility. Get resilient and inspire innovation!

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Leading the way with confidence

Everyone is a leader as we need to manage ourselves before we get to lead others. It is a never ending journey packed with many decisions, dillemas, questions along the way. Personal or team coaching helps you overcome your actual challenge and gives you the confidence to decide what is the best solution. Find your answers!

What makes the difference?

  • Explore inner motivations and personal drives, behavioural patterns.

  • Balance the experience based and the cognitive learnings.

  • Engage by working with real-life situations instead of fictive case studies which allows you to have true discoveries.

  • Learn about the nature and dinamics of collaboration.

  • Instantly create values through the learning by doing methods.

  • Unlock hidden potentials and creativity.

In all our programmes participants will engage through their own experiences in an honest and forthcoming environment which creates change at attitude level, ensuring long-term impact and inspiration.

We run open courses and personalised programmes for organisations and leaders. To learn more about these opportunities please get in touch!