From meeting room to stable

Take a step out of your routine and get some fresh air to lighten up your work, ideas, performance.

Learn about action-reaction, challenge yourself, your team through exercises with horses! This is a powerful experience out of your comfort zone which will reveal behaviour patterns, bring out hidden potentials and facilitate change.

Horses here accelerate interactions, therefore this type of training is not about horse riding or horsemanship skills. Participants only doing ground work with the horses in a safe environment with the support of highly qualified professionals.

horse assisted leadership

Leadership - lead by example

This program will allow leaders to explore a unique and authentic leadership attitude where inner motivation activates your power. Here we challenge leaders to understand their own behaviours, impact on others and misleading perceptions through real-life situations. This is a learning by doing method balancing experience based and cognitive learning with a great impact on individuals and teams.

In our view, every person is a leader as we need to manage ourselves before we get to lead others.

Teambuilding - Collaboration in action

Would you like to empower your team in an inspirational and impactful way? Every team member can collaborate and inspire others to actively work together. Finding the connection between inner motivation and common goals empower individuals to act with an increased level of trust generates team cohesion. Here we are focusing on team dynamic, active listening, and effective communication. Identify blocks and opportunities that you have not been aware of, while at the same time discover the true power of the ability to sense others. This experience will bond your team on the long-term and increase effectiveness.

Horse-assisted corporate trainings


Having the potential is one thing. Bringing out the most of it is the real challenge. Get ready for your next season and make sure that you unlock your inner strenght to achieve your goals.

For Individuals: By becoming more aware about yourself you can improve your performance.

For Teams: Read each others mind, understand what to do without words, become all together as one.

horse assisted team building

Why horses?

Horses are herd animals with an extremely well developed social life and sophisticated communication abilities which makes them the perfect partners to become co-facilitators of the program. They react in real time, in an honest way, mirroring the influence of what you have on them. Leadership and collaboration among horses is a matter of survival which means that they would only respond to powerful yet sensitive leaders who they trust. Non-verbal communication adds up to 90% of effective communication in human interactions, therefore, it’s crucial for every leader and team member to master these skills.

Power to change

These programs will give the extra boost and get you move forward in these areas:

  • effective collaboration

  • performance booster

  • transformational leadership

  • value integration and organisational culture

  • change management and decision making

  • self-awareness and motivation

  • feedback and conflict management

  • diversity and inclusion

  • communication skills

  • employee engagement

There are no two identical organizations or teams. We are keen to generate real changes and create value, therefore it is necessary to establish common goals together. In each case, actual steps of development are created according to unique goals.

For more information please get in touch:

trainers: Professionals with Passion


Our trainers are highly qualified and have the unique combination of experience in corporate sector and horsemanship. They are certified by the International Coach Federation and have internationally recognised certifications as horse-riding instructors and trainers. We are using the combination of the Gestalt method - which works with self-awareness through observations without any judgement - and leadership training elements. This gives the special background to make sure that these trainings are both professionally managed and safe.


Country Cottage Stables is a family run boutique AIRE (Association of Irish Riding Establishment) riding school, conveniently located close to Dublin, just off the N11 in Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow.

Country Cottage Stables  Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow

Country Cottage Stables

Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow