Hopes and Challenges

Being a leader is a great opportunity to have an impact on others however it comes with a great responsibility and with many questions, doubts, fears.

The solution that you are looking for is right there within you. All you need to find is the right support to access this knowledge, to see yourself, your situatuion, potential outcomes from a different perspective.



Inner journey with positive impact

Are you stuck in a situation which holds you back from achieving your goals?

Is there a big decision ahead of you that keeps you awake at night?

Would you like to empower your team and create more space for active collaboration?

how does it work?

However the process builds on the same methodology every time, the outcome and experience is unique depending on the coachee participation. The aim of the process is to facilitate transformational change by unlocking inner knowledge using the Gestalt method which works with self-awareness through observations without any judgement. The coaching sessions will support you on your journey to find your answers and explore more about yourself, your reactions, relationships and your influence on others. The sessions are offering you a safe space to try and experiment alternative ways with possible choices.

PCC_ICF coaching

Our coaches are highly trained and have done tousands of hours executive coachings, besides they are certfified by the International Coach Federation.

The first step is the dedication that you want to change and you are willing to work on your challenges. Typically it takes 6-8 sessions to work on your topics and one session takes 45-60 minutes.

horse assisted training coaching

Are you looking for something special?

From meeting room to stables

Take a step out of your routine and get some fresh air to lighten up your work, ideas, performance.

Learn about action-reaction, challenge yourself, your team through exercises with horses! This is a powerful expreience out of your comfort zone which will reveal behaviour patterns, bring out hidden potentials and facilitate change.

This is an experience for a lifetime with long-term effects.
More about the horse-assisted trainings here >>